muzio attendolo造句


  1. Tartaglia was arrested while sleeping by his rival, Muzio Attendolo.
  2. The Bolognese-Florentine army was under Muzio Attendolo.
  3. Of the three cruisers damaged, " Muzio Attendolo " had suffered the worst.
  4. Muzio Attendolo had died in the march towards L'Aquila while wading the Pescara River.
  5. Born in Cotignola, he was a cousin or a nephew of the more famous Muzio Attendolo Sforza.
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  7. The family also held the seigniory of Pesaro, starting from Muzio Attendolo's second son, Galeazzo.
  8. "Muzio Attendolo " was hit forward and of its bow was blown open but suffered no fatalities.
  9. Released, he assumed responsibility for the defeat, but not enough to appease the wrath of Muzio Attendolo Sforza.
  10. Louis continued the struggle : his army, led by Muzio Attendolo, crushed the Neapolitan army at Roccasecca on 19 May 1411.
  11. Famous condottieri like Facino Cane, Jacopo dal Verme, Braccio da Montone and Muzio Attendolo began their military career in the St . George Company.
  12. Cotignola was the birthplace of the 15th century condottiero Muzio Attendolo, whose family Sforza ) later ruled Milan, Pesaro and other seigniories in Italy.
  13. Born at Castelfiorentino, he was the son of Muzio Attendolo, and brother to Alessandro and Francesco Sforza, both successful military leaders and seigniors.
  14. The company included other famous condottieri, such as Muzio Attendolo, Braccio da Montone, Ugolotto Biancardo, Jacopo dal Verme, Facino Cane, Ottobuono de'Terzi and others.
  15. Here he hired the condottiero Braccio da Montone with the task of reducing the resistance of his rival claimant, Louis III of Anjou, and his forces led by Muzio Attendolo Sforza.
  16. Back in Cesena, he allied with Niccol?III d'Este of Ferrara against the lord of Parma, Ottobono Terzi, taking part in the latter's defeat at Modena by Muzio Attendolo.
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