1. She began neatening the books in the low bookshelf
  2. The analyzing of the experience of neatening the local mine synthetically in tangshan
  3. Minister wu ji - chuan pointed out : 5 points on neatening web service providing locations
  4. It developed very rapidly at the initial time , but it followed the long road of the criterion and neaten
  5. The most part of the operation becomes normative after criterion and neaten . it exerts its function partly
  6. It's difficult to find neaten in a sentence. 用neaten造句挺难的
  7. Pang shangpeng who was an economical reformer was famous for pushing yi tiao bian law and neatening liang huai ' s salt law
  8. Especially in today ' s china , innovation is cried for trust industry after all trust companies had been neatened for 5 times
  9. Though unaccountable centuries had passed , it is a profound mission to neaten the past 100 years , leaving the offspring a distinctive memory
  10. Valuable experience on system construction contract design and transaction organization has been derived through the fathering and neatening to futures markets . the security regulation association has a ev
  11. Because of the data on the geotechnical investigation cost is the basis to evaluate the geotechnical investigation cost , both the government and the parties in construction should attach importance to accumulate , neaten and apply the data on the geotechnical investigation cost
  12. The purpose of this disquisition is that classifying architecture according as its configuration , neatening the genres of ancient architecture of china , establishing logical structure and system , cognizing characteristic and configuration of ancient architecture of china
  13. It mainly includes : paraphrasing " reflective design " neatening rafael moneo ' s thoughts on the essence of architecture exploring rafael moneo ' s architectural design idea - " reflective design " , which includes the idea of " reflective design " and the contents and methods of reflection exploring the design means of " reflective design " detailedly analyzing two representative works of rafael moneo through these explorations it is hoped that this dissertation will inspire the designers to think about the essence of architecture and realize the social responsibility that they are responsible for deeply . at the same time , it is also hoped that in design method it will provide a certain reference on learning architectural design and practice
    内容主要包括: ?释义reflectivedesign ?梳理拉菲尔?莫内欧关于建筑本质的思考?探索“反映的设计”建筑设计思想,其中包括“反映的设计”思想,反映的内容和反映的方法?探索“反映设计”的设计手段?详细分析拉菲尔?莫内欧的两个代表作品希望通过以上探索,能够对设计者深入思考建筑本质内容和深入认识所担负的社会职责有所启示,同时为建筑设计的学习与实践提供一定设计方法上的参考。
  14. The thesis was written based on three purposes : firstly , on the base of systematically neatening , synthesizing and analyzing the present research achievement of this field , putting forward a new and systematic point . secondly , presenting reasonable view that should be hold for our country during the course of property legislation and asset securitization
    本文写作的目的主要是这样三个: ( 1 )在对已有关于抵押权的附随性与独立性问题研究成果进行综合、梳理、分析的基础上,从一个新的视角来对抵押权的附随性和独立性问题提出自己的见解,以期使这个问题的研究朝着系统化、细致化的方向发展。
  15. I summarize a teaching system named " four steps , five practices " on the basis of my many years " teaching practice and scientific research . the so - called " four steps " are : " using multimedia equipment - to display the observational information ( information input ) - to lead to process the information ( information processing ) - to guide to neaten the information ( information output ) - to instruct the feedback of information ( information feedback ) " . " five practices " include : " to arouse the related envision , to process the composition material , to describe the concrete image , to amend the composition , to reprocess the composition "
    本人在自己多年的教学实践和科研成果的基础上,按照“四步五练”的步骤,所谓“四步” ,是指“多媒体展示观察信息(信息输入) ? ?多媒体引导加工信息(信息加工) ? ?多媒体指导整理信息(信息输出) ? ?多媒体辅导反馈信息(信息反馈) ” ; “五练”是指“唤起相关表象、加工写作材料、具体形象表述、习作的批改、习作的二次加工” ,构建了一套以现代教育技术为手段,以创新思维能力为横线,文体写作知识为纵线的实验。
  16. Lcfd02 series weft feeder is special developed for economic - type rapier looms made in our countrise . it still retains the ex - cellent interval weft neatening mechanical structure applied in lcfd01 series weft storage , and adopts simple electronic switch with high reliability to control the imtermittent running of the motor . it is a good prodoct to improving the performance of econmic rapier looms for its high performance - to - price ratio
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