not diabetic造句

"not diabetic"是什么意思   


  1. "I have to clarify and say I'm not diabetic.
  2. They are not diabetic, showing that GLUT8 is unlikely to play major roles in glucose homeostasis.
  3. Pablo also said his brother was not diabetic.
  4. Pablo Sobero said their brother was not diabetic.
  5. You can use pumice to grind it off if you wanted to, if you are not diabetic.
  6. It's difficult to find not diabetic in a sentence. 用not diabetic造句挺难的
  7. The overdosed victims were not diabetics, according to the national newspaper NRC Handelsblad . ( jc / ak)
  8. In California, Pablo Sobero said his brother was not diabetic; neighbor Cherrill Renwick said he suffered from asthma.
  9. _Even among people who are not diabetics, poor glucose tolerance appears to be linked to weaker memory, according to a study released yesterday.
  10. I'm not diabetic, and I'm a vegetarian for ethical reasons and wouldn't return to eating animal flesh even if I thought my health would benefit by it in some way.
  11. I am not diabetic or overweight or allergic to donuts or etc etc so nobody needs to worry that your response will cause or prevent a 15 minute spiral into overeating as excessive as it is brief.
  12. Blood sugar is a much more important factor ( for me at least ) than caffeine when it comes to feeling awake / tired, and no I am not diabetic .-- Jmeden2000 20 : 26, 30 October 2006 ( UTC)
  13. "If you learn to incorporate the carbs in the candy and match it with the insulin, then everyone can have some Halloween candy, " Goland said . " It's probably the same modest amount I let my kids eat, because that's the healthy approach, and they're not diabetic ."
  14. what is the treatment for urinary acidosis other than iv bicarbonate which is just a temporary fix . no other problems can be found to cause this . the person is not diabetic . ( this is a hypothetical question . . im not asking for the cause but the treatment .  Preceding contribs ) 21 : 36, 4 March 2010 ( UTC)


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