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  1. The separation and application of oxygen isotope
  2. Oxygen isotope records of carbonates from lake qinghai as environmental archives : re - explanation
  3. Carbon , hydrogen oxygen isotope studies on imbedded old tree ring and paleoclimate reconstruction
  4. Implication and application of stable carbon and oxygen isotopes of pedogenic carbonates in soils
  5. Comparative study on sample preparation in carbon and oxygen isotope analyses of lake ostracode shells
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  7. Composition of oxygen isotopes and discussion on the formation of changkeng au - ag deposit , guangdong province
  8. O o method for determination of stable oxygen isotope ratio of water from fruit juices , using isotope ratio mass spectrometry
  9. Researchers said the zircon ' s high level of heavy oxygen isotopes suggest it was cooled by surface water after it formed
  10. Up1up8o up1up6o method for determination of stable oxygen isotope ratio 18o 16o of water from fruit juices , using isotope ratio mass spectrometry
  11. Jumpdrives only work with isotopes , in this case oxygen isotopes , as thejump drive design is borrowed from the gallente
  12. From the study of hydrogen - oxygen isotope in enclosure liquid , some water conies from magma , others come from atmosphere precipitation
  13. The test of the hydrogen and oxygen isotopes of water in the fluid inclusion suggests the water is mainly from atmospheric sedimentation
  14. Among the stardust particles , the investigators found that the ratio of oxygen isotopes was similar to that found in meteorites formed in the inner solar system
  15. Based on hydrochemistry , ree , carbon and oxygen isotope analyzing , possible leakage way of the air - cushioned surge chamber is studied in the xiaotiandu power - station
  16. Carbon and oxygen isotope data show that the carbonatite layer in fozichong ledge is different from the normal marine sedimentary carbonatite , infering that its formation has relation with hot - water sedimentary activity
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