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  1. Workers scraped the arm with scaffolding while fixing an oxygen leak deep inside Endeavour.
  2. The shuttle's oxygen leak was traced to a deformed flex hose, hardly a rupture.
  3. Then an oxygen leak and damaged robot arm interfered.
  4. Detailed stories about the oxygen leak and electrical problems were in the main news section.
  5. Researchers decided against a hot-fire flight test because of liquid oxygen leaks in the test apparatus.
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  7. The astronauts then report hearing a thump outside the shuttle and begin to experience an oxygen leak.
  8. NASA expressed confidence that the replacement of a pair of flex hoses had fixed the oxygen leak.
  9. And how would they protect themselves from the unforeseen _ a fire, an oxygen leak, a flu bug?
  10. The oxygen leak is believed to be somewhere deep in the midbody of Endeavour beneath the payload bay.
  11. With just two hours remaining in the countdown, NASA called off the launch of space shuttle Endeavour because of an oxygen leak.
  12. An oxygen leak in the mid-body of the craft stopped the countdown last week, just as the crew was boarding the shuttle.
  13. An apparent oxygen leak ended an unusually risky spacewalk by the international space station's two astronauts just 14 minutes after it began.
  14. The second difficulty involved an oxygen leak in the launch pad fueling system that forced a brief postponement of some activities by shuttle technicians.
  15. While finding and fixing the oxygen leak, workers accidentally bumped a platform into the shuttle robot arm and managers are assessing the damage, if any.
  16. Their return to Earth was delayed nearly two months by shuttle fuel line cracks, an oxygen leak, and robot arm problems, as well as weather delays.
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