palatine guard造句


  1. These colors were probably taken from the 1808 flag of the palatine guard.
  2. The Second World War was a high point in the history of the Palatine Guard.
  3. He also abolished the Palatine Guard and the Noble Guard, leaving the Swiss Guard as the sole military order of the Vatican.
  4. At the outbreak of the Second World War in September 1939 the Palatine Guard mustered some 500 men, but the German occupation required the recruitment of additional personnel.
  5. Born in Neustadt an der Weinstra遝 in the Electorate of Bavaria in 1744, Stengel joined the Bavarian army's " Palatine Guards " in 1758.
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  7. When Borja reached Rome on June 17, 1501 ( through the " Popolo " gate ), he was received by his brother Rodrigo, the captain of the Palatine Guard.
  8. Historically, a number of other military units existed in the territory of Vatican City State with ceremonial rather than military duties, including the Noble Guard and the Palatine Guard, abolished by Pope Paul VI in 1970.
  9. The rest were hidden, 5, 000 of them by the official Church  " 3, 000 in Castel Gandolfo, 200 or 400 ( estimates vary ) as " members " of the Palatine Guard and some 1, 500 in monasteries, convents and colleges.
  10. The Papal Army was disbanded in 1870, leaving only the Palatine Guard, which was itself disbanded on 14 September 1970 by Pope Paul VI, and the Swiss Guard, which continues to serve both as a ceremonial unit at the Vatican and as the pope's protective force.
  11. This complicates things when she finds out from Alaric Wulf, a demon-hunter with a secret unit of the Vatican called the Palatine Guard, that vampires are attacking girls all over her native New York City, and that her new boyfriend might be one of them . ..


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