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  1. Pinto had previously invited Palatine High School fashion students to visit and tour her boutique in January 2010.
  2. In 1952, an addition to Palatine High School was completed, increasing the building capacity to 700 students.
  3. Social studies students use it during their nine weeks of economics instruction at Palatine High School outside Chicago, for example.
  4. The school sponsors interscholastic teams for boys and girls in basketball, Elk Grove High School, and Palatine High School.
  5. It was built in 1927 in honor of Mr . Charles S . Cutting, the principal of Palatine High School.
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  7. A second addition was approved for Palatine High School and a second site of was purchased at Quentin Road and Illinois Avenue.
  8. The student distribution changed as Fremd served as a school for freshmen and sophomores while Palatine High School served juniors and seniors.
  9. Just prior to the start of the 1964 65 season, it was announced that Elk Grove High School and Palatine High School.
  10. There are five high schools within District 211 : Schaumburg High School, Hoffman Estates High School, Fremd High School and Palatine High School.
  11. "' Cutting Hall "'is a theater in Palatine, Illinois, which was once the auditorium to Palatine High School.
  12. As a high school player, McKenna starred at Palatine High School in Palatine, Illinois before moving on to Creighton University from 1977 1981.
  13. Today Arlington Heights high school students attend Rolling Meadows High School, Elk Grove High School, and Palatine High School ( Palatine, Illinois ).
  14. In 1976, the Board of Education decided that the building housing Palatine High School was unsuitable for future use as a four-year high school.
  15. The sixth high school, located near the intersection of Rohlwing and Cunningham Roads, opened in September, 1977, and was named Palatine High School.
  16. Construction on an addition at Palatine High School was completed in 2003, adding 24 classrooms to the northeast corner of the building to handle enrollment growth.
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