palatine lion造句


  1. The Palatine Lion, recalling Laubenheim s history as an Electoral Palatinate landhold.
  2. Historically, the Palatine Lion should be shown on a sable ( black ) field.
  3. The Palatine Lion refers to Br點ken s 350-year history as a holding of Electoral Palatinate.
  4. The lion is the Palatine Lion, recalling the town s long history under Electoral Palatinate s rule.
  5. As a representation of the County of Veldenz this lion can be found in many Palatinate the Palatine lion dominates.
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  7. They show the gold Palatine Lion and next to this the three silver eagles borne as arms by the Counts of Leiningen.
  8. Moreover, beginning in 1615, Westhofen was part of Electoral Palatinate and adopted the Palatine Lion as a charge in its arms.
  9. Eimsheim belonged from 1565 until Napoleonic times to the Electorate of the Palatinate, explaining the Palatine Lion in the upper part of the escutcheon.
  10. The Palatine Lion on the sinister ( armsbearer s left, viewer s right ) side is likewise a reference to the village s former allegiance to the Electorate of the Palatinate.
  11. Following the creation of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in 1946, to which the Palatinate belonged, the Palatine Lion occupied a central place in the state coat of arms of Rhineland-Palatinate eine.
  12. This action is reflected in the then court seal ( and in the current coat of arms ), with the blazon reading in part  the Palatine lion holds in the right paw the robbed Worms key.
  13. The charge on the dexter ( armsbearer s right, viewer s left ) side, the Palatine lion, refers to the former landholders, the Dukes of Palatinate-Simmern and the Elector of the Palatinate.
  14. The first and fourth quarters show the Palatine Lion, and the second and third show the Bavarian  bendy lozengy pattern ( that is, diamond shapes formed by two sets of bends set at different angles overlapping ).
  15. As early as 1390, the town of Wachenheim used a seal with the quarterly composition escutcheon party per pale ( divided down the middle ), but also showing the Palatine Lion and the Bavarian  bendy lozengy pattern, is also known.
  16. The lion  issuant from base ( a lion rampant is usually centred in the field with his whole body showing ) is a  diminutive of the Palatine Lion first borne by the House of Wittelsbach after they were enfeoffed with the County Palatine of the Rhine in 1214.
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