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  1. Around the same time the Palatine Ludwig Railway was electrified through the station.
  2. In 1847, Neustadt was connected to the railway network by the Palatine Ludwig Railway.
  3. It managed and ran operations jointly from the outset with the Palatine Ludwig Railway Company.
  4. Serving Homburg is a railway station on the " Pf鋖zische Ludwigsbahn " ( Palatine Ludwig Railway ).
  5. Historically, the Homburg Bexbach section was in Bavaria and was built as part of the Palatine Ludwig Railway.
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  7. Also in 1904 a further shortening of Palatine Ludwig Railway was put into operation, running via Kirkel and Limbach.
  8. However, at the end of 1881, the Palatine Ludwig Railway Company built a stackyard at Lambrecht railway station.
  9. The modern route of the Palatine Ludwig Railway was built in 1866 / 7 from Homburg to Saarbr點ken in 1879.
  10. The hope was that, using this planned operating point on the Palatine Ludwig Railway, would save on transportation costs.
  11. The 50 km-long railway line begins in Schifferstadt, where it branches to the left from the Palatine Ludwig Railway.
  12. The station was opened on 25 August 1849 when the gap in the Palatine Ludwig Railway between Frankenstein and Neustadt was closed.
  13. As early as 25 November 1875, the line was extended to Zweibr點ken and connected to the link to the Palatine Ludwig Railway.
  14. Two rail bridges are adjacent to the road bridge, carrying the Palatine Ludwig Railway and the Rhine-Neckar S-Bahn line.
  15. The Homburg Kaiserslautern section followed on 18 May 1961 and by 12 March 1964 the " Palatine Ludwig Railway " was electrified throughout.
  16. The Maximilian Railway was built by Paul Camille von Denis, who had already been responsible for building the Palatine Ludwig Railway from Saarbr點ken to the Gulden in all.
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