palatine ludwigsbahn造句


  1. Nevertheless, Palatine Ludwigsbahn was responsible for the subsequent opening of the following railway lines:
  2. The company worked closely with the Palatine Ludwigsbahn Company to which it transferred operational and administrative control.
  3. On 1 January 1870 as it agreed to merge with the other two Palatine railway organisations into the managerial and operating company of the " United Palatine Railways ", it also took over the entire shareholding of the Neustadt D黵kheim Railway Company, whose railway line, opened in 1865, had been run by the Palatine Ludwigsbahn to that point in time.
  4. On 1 January 1870, the Palatine Ludwigsbahn Company, the Palatine Maximilian Railway Company and the Palatine Northern Railway ( with which the Neustadt-D黵kheim Railway Company had amalgamated ) had formed a management and operational association under the name " United Palatine Railways " ( " Vereinigte Pf鋖zische Eisenbahnen " ) or Palatinate Railway ( " Pfalzbahn " ) for short, with its headquarters in Ludwigshafen.
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