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  1. While perceptual maps with two dimensions are common, multi-dimensional maps are also used.
  2. "The perceptual map of the first language constrains the learning of a second, " she says.
  3. Many perceptual maps also display consumers ideal points.
  4. Some perceptual maps use different-sized circles to indicate the sales volume or market share of the various competing products.
  5. "There's plenty of room on the perceptual map if the car has quality and durability, " said J . Ferron, of consulting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers.
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  7. This " perceptual map, " explains Patricia Kuhl of the University of Washington, reflects the apparent distance _ and thus the similarity _ between sounds.
  8. Marketers can reveal shoppers'collective perceptual map with increasing precision and detail by aggregating and analysing their data; this is done, for example, in the smartphone and laptop industries.
  9. An assortment of statistical procedures can be used to convert the raw data collected in a survey into a perceptual map . cross price elasticity of demand data from electronic scanners.
  10. A soft drink producer may want to evaluate a perceptual map including traits such as High or Low in Caffeine and High or low in Sugar in their specific market segment.
  11. Traditionally the perceptual map will consist of 4 headings; the basic elements of this map includes Low or High Quality and Low or High Price but these can be changed and altered based on specific product attributes e . g.
  12. "' Perceptual mapping "'is a diagrammatic technique used by asset product, product line, or brand is displayed relative to their competition . "'Perceptual maps "', also known as "'market maps "', usually have two dimensions but can be multi-dimensional; they can be used to identify gaps in the market and potential partners or merger targets as well as to clarify perceptual problems with a company's product.


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