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  1. The truss comprises four plane trusses each two panels and each panel has one diagonal brace .
  2. Plane trussed lattice grids
  3. The corresponding program is applied in several plane truss structures and developed to analyze space truss structures
  4. Results of illustrative examples of a six - bay plane truss bridge model are given in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed procedure
  5. Through the analysis of receiving force performance of staggered truss frame , this paper clearly proposed the principle that nodes construction scheme should be defined according to the plane truss form for the first time
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  7. The simplified method , one time statically indeterminate plane truss , for the solution of sunflower - patterned cable dome and sunflower - patterned cantilever roof is introduced . this method is clear and convenient and the results are reliable
  8. Cellular automata was applied to solve mechanical problem of plane truss , and the feasibility of which was discussed in this article . the characteristic of cell and the way of dividing cell were studied while presenting a program and its frame chart . the work load of the new method was not much because it neednt form a partial differential set or a general finite element robustness matrix . numerical computing results show that the new method has a rapid speed of convergence to nodal displacement and internal force of element , so it probably has a good prospect in solving solid mechanical problems
  9. Referring to some type of the structure such as plane truss , grid truss and grid shell , the author dissertates the common construction technique including whole installation , integral propping up , integral lifting , high altitude construction in bulk , member assembly and sliding construction
  10. This paper aims at bridge with high pier and long span adopting single or double featheredge piers , the stability of bridge in the whole construction process is analyzed combined with research conclusion of bridge stability and concrete creep and shrinkage , bridge construction period is divided according to actual construction - process and concrete creep and shrinkage regularity and structure is analyzed as plane truss at each time increment


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