1. Bern took over Pohlern and dissolved the " Herrschaft ".
  2. The local and cantonal tax rate in Pohlern is one of the lowest in the canton.
  3. During the 2012-13 school year, there were a total of 24 students attending classes in Pohlern.
  4. Until the Late Middle Ages Pohlern was virtually uninhabited forest in the " patrician May family acquired parts of the village.
  5. Of the population in the municipality, 71 or about 31.4 % were born in Pohlern and lived there in 2000.
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  7. The neighboring municipalities starting from the north in a clockwise direction are : H鰂en, Niederstocken, Erlenbach im Simmental, D鋜stetten and Pohlern.
  8. A total of 38 workers ( 74.5 % of the 51 total workers in the municipality ) both lived and worked in Pohlern.
  9. The average income of the over 75, 000 CHF group in Pohlern was 111, 657 CHF, while the average across all of Switzerland was 131, 244 CHF.
  10. Pohlern became part of the court of Amsoldingen in the Thun District, where it remained until the district was dissolved in 2009 . Today most residents either work in agriculture or commute to jobs outside the municipality.
  11. In 2012 the average local and cantonal tax rate on a married resident, with two children, of Pohlern making 150, 000 CHF was 12.2 %, while an unmarried resident's rate was 18.2 %.


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