popularizing agricultural technique造句

"popularizing agricultural technique"是什么意思   


  1. But now most popularize objects are aged and with low self - stuff , the popularizing agricultural technique faced grimness circumstance
  2. Setups for popularizing agricultural techniques shall coordinate with units of agricultural scientific research and education to popularize advanced agricultural techniques
  3. Article 51 the state shall afford preferential treatments in respect of taxation , credit and loan to enterprises initiated for the service of agriculture by setups for popularizing agricultural techniques , units of agricultural scientific research and relevant schools
  4. The original analysis the fundamental condition of our country countryside , and the main problem of countryside which exists below the market economy system 、 in the progress of cities and towns spreads 、 in the progress of the revolution of popularizing agricultural technique , points out the main problem of our country countryside , developing countryside economy is first and difficult problem in the progress of constructing the relatively comfortable life community , the problem that is long - term , have to pay special attention to be solved
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