promoting prostitution造句

"promoting prostitution"是什么意思   


  1. They said the presence of foreign troops would also promote prostitution.
  2. They say the presence of foreign troops could also promote prostitution.
  3. In October 1989, he was charged with promoting prostitution, police said.
  4. In October 1989 he was charged with promoting prostitution, the police said.
  5. He was charged here in September with assault, promoting prostitution and kidnapping.
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  7. Tucker faced preliminary charges of conspiracy to commit child molestation and promoting prostitution.
  8. Spears was arrested Thursday and charged with attempted larceny by extortion and promoting prostitution.
  9. Promoting prostitution is a violation of state law.
  10. Lawyer Scott Tidwell, 44, faces two Class A misdemeanor charges of promoting prostitution.
  11. Spears was charged in Connecticut with attempted extortion and promoting prostitution in the Camby case.
  12. They say it also would promote prostitution.
  13. They also say it would promote prostitution and could drag the Philippines into military conflicts.
  14. On October 7, 2016, Hurant pleaded guilty in federal court of promoting prostitution.
  15. Israel's largest women's group, Naamat, said the ruling promoted prostitution.
  16. Marco Chinchilla, 41, were found guilty of promoting prostitution, conspiracy and official misconduct.
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