promoting suicide造句


  1. One day, he notices a flyer that promotes suicide services.
  2. The SOS program seeks to promote suicide awareness and prevention through education.
  3. It is filled with spaceships, aliens and online religious tracts promoting suicide.
  4. McCollum's suicide led to allegations that Osbourne promoted suicide in his songs.
  5. British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Wednesday Arafat must crack down on groups promoting suicide attacks on Israel.
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  7. Shining openly promotes suicide and self-harm in all its forms ( e . g . drugs ) in their lyrics.
  8. The speech was " full of violence, " and " had the purpose to promote suicide murder,"
  9. Britain's foreign minister said Wednesday that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat must crack down forcefully on the groups promoting suicide attacks on Israel.
  10. Benmerzouga possessed more than 60 films promoting suicide bombings and " martyrdom, " including 19 copies of a videotape of Osama bin Laden.
  11. Benmerzouga had amassed more than 60 films promoting suicide bombings and martyrdom, including 19 copies of a bin Laden video, the court was told.
  12. The Palestinian Authority, which is under heavy foreign pressure to rein in militant groups, condemned the bombing and rejected Israeli accusations that it was promoting suicide attacks.
  13. While counseling to commit suicide is illegal, laws in North America and Britain had not previously been successfully used to prosecute anyone for promoting suicide over the internet.
  14. Jason Janz, a youth pastor who formed the organization about six weeks ago, said Manson's music promotes suicide, death, drug use, violence and hatred.
  15. Those didn't promote suicide, but they had serious side effects, said Dr . Martin Teicher, chief of the lab of developmental psychopharmacology at McLean Hospital in Belmont.
  16. The new work showed that in the laboratory, two proteins from HIV _ called Tat and gp120 _ promoted suicide by making T cells produce more of their own suicidal protein.
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