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  1. Officers are eligible to take the sergeant's promotion exam after 5 years of service.
  2. Some promotion exams can be substituted by qualifications from the Institution of Fire Engineers.
  3. The city administered eight police promotion exams during the 1990s.
  4. Future promotion exams will be set using the Integrated Personal Development System ( IPDS ).
  5. In the Season 4 premiere, Howard passes a promotion exam and is elevated to Sergeant.
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  7. For the promotion exam, Medina must knock Master down once before she is knocked down three times.
  8. Centrex also set the national police promotion exams, probationer development tests and advised on the assessment of recruits.
  9. In 1977, he went to then-Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson with proof that fellow cops had cheated on promotions exams.
  10. While serving as a police officer, Jordan took courses at Northeastern University as a way to study to promotion exams.
  11. Unfortunately, some of his fellow dorm mates were crushed by the Elite Ten during the third phase of the promotion exams.
  12. In 1984, the fund sued the New York City Police Department, saying that its promotion exams discriminated against Latinos and African-Americans.
  13. A keen all-round sportsman he coached not only rugby but also captain and had passed the promotion exams for the rank of major.
  14. Hisako entrusted Megumi to take care of Erina before commencing the 3rd stage of the " Promotion Exams ", as they were separated.
  15. Sergeants and lieutenants are eligible to take the promotion exam of the next higher rank after 2 years of service in their current rank.
  16. Patrolmen Richard Beauchesne and John Guilfoyle had planned to accompany the men, but canceled at the last minute because a promotion exam was scheduled for Saturday.
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