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  1. Quentin Crisp was born on Christmas Day, 1908, and named Denis Pratt.
  2. The lineup of actors includes Marilyn Sokol, Estelle Parsons and Quentin Crisp.
  3. Quentin Crisp says, squeezing past the piles that block his front door.
  4. Philip O'Connor discovered Quentin Crisp in his radio interviews in 1963.
  5. "Affectation can be dangerous, " the British style pundit Quentin Crisp once observed.
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  7. She was also the long-time American agent for the British author Quentin Crisp.
  8. He presented a documentary about the death of Quentin Crisp for Channel Four.
  9. His 1985 engraving of Quentin Crisp is held at London s National Portrait Gallery.
  10. :Quentin Crisp, England's stateliest homo, could have got away with camp phrases at any age.
  11. Q : I understand that Quentin Crisp died recently.
  12. In them he portrayed the outsize, outspoken and drolly effeminate eccentric known as Quentin Crisp.
  13. "Quentin Crisp is a real eccentric, " he said.
  14. Henry is Quentin Crisp run through a blender, but that is to trivialize Ames'achievement here.
  15. Quentin Crisp was born Denis Pratt on Christmas Day, 1908, in Sutton, a London suburb.
  16. In England, however, he is sort of a cross between Max Beerbohm and Quentin Crisp.
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