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  1. Quentin Davies, the Conservative Party's Northern Ireland spokesman, told the British Broadcasting Corp.
  2. The opposition Conservative Party's spokesman on Northern Ireland, Quentin Davies, also expressed dismay.
  3. Three other Conservatives, Rupert Allason, Richard Shepherd, and Quentin Davies, have also expressed reservations.
  4. Legislator Quentin Davies of the governing Conservative Party said the News of the World deal with Ms . Allwood was squalid.
  5. Quentin Davies, a Conservative member of the parliamentary standards committee, said the findings were " absolutely horrific ."
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  7. These concessions are being given away for precisely nothing, " complained Quentin Davies, the Conservatives'spokesman on Northern Ireland.
  8. "' John Quentin Davies, Baron Davies of Stamford "'( born 29 May 1944 ) is a Dissolution Honours List.
  9. Conservative lawmaker Quentin Davies complained that Blair's government had " taken it down to the wire in the usual arbitrary fashion ."
  10. Legislator Quentin Davies said he will vote with the opposition parties over the Iraq report, and three other Conservatives signaled they may follow suit or abstain.
  11. "Violating the rules of the house in favor of any group would be offensive enough, " said Quentin Davies, the Conservatives'spokesman on Northern Ireland.
  12. Boles recovered from his illness and in October 2007 was selected as the prospective Conservative candidate to contest Quentin Davies, who switched allegiance from the Conservatives to Labour earlier in 2007.
  13. The party's Northern Ireland spokesman, Quentin Davies, opened the debate by arguing that Sinn Fein represented a security risk in the wake of allegations that members of the Irish Republican Army-linked party had stolen secret British documents from government offices in Belfast.
  14. "Gen . de Chastelain has now made it clear before a series of witnesses that he has given no information to the British and Irish governments that goes beyond his public statements, " said Quentin Davies, the Conservative Party spokesman on Northern Ireland.


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