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  1. Issue # 4, designed by Quentin Fiore, showcased the ideas of the Canadian cultural theorist Marshall McLuhan.
  2. The title of this compilation is taken from a sentence in the Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore collido-scope " The Medium is the Massage ".
  3. Too, his approach echoes the visual / textual collage aesthetic of " The Medium Is the Massage, " the 1966 paperback by McLuhan and the graphic designer Quentin Fiore.
  4. But the psychedelic swirl of text and images in " The Medium Is the Massage, " created with the designer Quentin Fiore, was an inspiration for recent magazines like Wired and Details.
  5. But in 1966, McLuhan did collaborate with a noted graphic designer, Quentin Fiore, on " The Medium Is the Massage, " a mass-market paperback intended to popularize McLuhan's ideas.
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  7. To strengthen this theory, McLuhan and Quentin Fiore further claimed that each time period has an important medium that defines the essence of the society, which correspond to the dominant mode of communication of the time respectively.
  8. "Wired Style " is part of a five-title fall list from HardWired, which also includes John Brockman's " Digerati : Encounters with the Cyber Elite " and a reissued version of Marshall McLuhan's influential 1967 book ( with graphic designer Quentin Fiore ) " The Medium is the Massage " ( CQ ).
  9. Designed by Wayne Daly, it is modelled around the influential paperback The Medium is the Massage, by Marshall McLuhan, Quentin Fiore and Jerome Agel, which was first published in 1967 . " The Age of Earthquakes " updates McLuhan's pronouncements to the Internet reliant, early 21st century and claims that, " we haven't just changed our brains these past few years.


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