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  1. 'Unbidden'2016  Director; Quentin Lee.
  2. ""'Big Gay Love " "'is a 2013 American comedy film written and directed by Ringo Le and produced by Quentin Lee and Marisa Le.
  3. Their single " Silent " is featured in Quentin Lee's film " White Frog " starring BD Wong, Harry Shum Jr, Booboo Stewart, Joan Chen, and Kelly Hu.
  4. Directed and co-written by Quentin Lee and Justin Lin, " Shopping for Fangs " is a psychological thriller about young adults caught up in mistaken identity and their own powerful desires.
  5. A Chinese-American cafe that serves spaghetti and fried rice, coffee and red bean shakes, is the setting for " Shopping for Fangs, " a first-time feature collaboration for Los Angeles-based filmmakers Quentin Lee and Justin Lin.
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  7. Perhaps the independent film by Asian-Americans that has generated the most buzz this year is Quentin Lee's and Justin Lin's " Shopping for Fangs, " mostly because of the nontraditional distribution route the directors have taken.
  8. Directed by Quentin Lee and Justin Lin; written by Dan Alvarado, Lee and Lin; director of photography, Lisa Wiegand; edited by Lee, Lin and Sean Yeo; music by Steven Pranato; produced by Lee; released by Margin Films . Running time : 90 minutes.
  9. "Shopping for Fangs " was Justin Lin's first feature film, which he co-directed with fellow UCLA Film School alumnus, Quentin Lee when they were still at UCLA . The film stars John Cho and is considered to be a " cult classic " amongst independent Asian American films.
  10. Choy co-organized ID Film Fest and the Asian American Independent Features Conference with Quentin Lee and Koji Steven Sakai in October 2010 at the Japanese American National Museum, continuing with his Battle of the Pitches competition along with the API TV Pilot Shootout and a Filmmaker's Crash Course.
  11. "We were shooting a robbery scene in a Mini-Mart in Westwood, Calif ., For some reason, we forgot to put up a sign saying that we were shooting, " recalls director Quentin Lee as he describes one of the more amusing behind-the-scenes moments that occurred during the filming of his latest project, " Shopping for Fangs ."


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