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  1. At home, mother was keeper of the ration stamps.
  2. Ration stamps were valid only for a set period to forestall hoarding.
  3. Rationing using ration stamps is only one kind of non-price rationing.
  4. DeStefano returned to prison in June 1947 for possessing counterfeit sugar ration stamps.
  5. In March 1943 Martha obtained forged identity documents and ration stamps for them.
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  7. This paralleled the financial practices in East Germany running its own ration stamps at the same time.
  8. Christa gave Edith her certificate of baptism, her student s identification, and her ration stamps.
  9. Over the years, the harassment worsened until she found it almost impossible to obtain ration stamps.
  10. In 1945 in Prague, then occupied by the Czech restaurant " Neumann " without using ration stamps.
  11. She provided information to the resistance network and also operated as a courier, carrying ration stamps and firearms.
  12. Restaurant owners and other merchants were accorded more availability, but had to collect ration stamps to restock their supplies.
  13. In exchange for used ration stamps, ration boards delivered certificates to restaurants and merchants to authorize procurement of more products.
  14. Wolff worked in federal law enforcement through World War II, once posing as a butcher to catch people misusing ration stamps.
  15. After 1939 it became particular difficult to feed the hidden persons, because food was only available on official ration stamps, of course not issued to hiding persons.
  16. Each ration stamp had a generic drawing of an airplane, gun, tank, aircraft carrier, ear of wheat, fruit, etc . and a serial number.
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