recovering alcoholic造句


  1. Brendan Meehan was 22 and a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser.
  2. Can recovering alcoholics go back to drinking at a moderate level?
  3. Zevon, a longtime recovering alcoholic, has a good life.
  4. She said she was also a recovering alcoholic and drinks socially.
  5. Alcoholics Anonymous is a self-help group for recovering alcoholics.
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  7. Robinson is a recovering alcoholic, having stopped drinking in 2003.
  8. For nearly six months, Stu Gage has been a recovering alcoholic.
  9. Murphy, who is a recovering alcoholic, looked surprised.
  10. And she has drawn closer to her mother, a recovering alcoholic.
  11. Bailey heads into his second year of college as a recovering alcoholic.
  12. Staying sober is always a goal for Daly, a recovering alcoholic.
  13. Will the recovering alcoholic diva ( Jennifer Dale ) sing?
  14. Arsenault testified that Skakel suffered from dyslexia and was a recovering alcoholic.
  15. That there are recovering alcoholics and steroid users, too?
  16. Now, Armstrong is living in a Maryvale home for recovering alcoholics.
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