recovering catholic造句


  1. :: I am a registered independent and a recovering Catholic.
  2. Describing herself as a " recovering Catholic,"
  3. The Decatur resident described herself as a " recovering Catholic ."
  4. He describes himself as a social democrat and a " recovering Catholic ".
  5. Ziegler is, however, an agnostic, referring to himself as a " recovering Catholic ".
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  7. She now considers herself a " recovering Catholic, " and has little patience for the sensibilities of the church.
  8. Her strict Roman Catholic education ( she calls herself " a recovering Catholic " ) was instrumental in honing her sense of social responsibility.
  9. Moulitsas describes himself as a recovering Catholic, and says that while he has many problems with the Church, Salvadoran martyr and archbishop Oscar Romero is still his greatest hero and inspiration.
  10. Taking a radically different tone, Beth Harrington, who wrote, directed and appears in " The Blinking Madonna, " has the wit to call herself " a recovering Catholic ."
  11. Terry has recently delved into the realm of Stand Up Comedy with his new show, " Naked Confessions of a Recovering Catholic "-which has been featured on various radio shows and on Granada Reports and other local TV stations.


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