reef dam造句

"reef dam"是什么意思   


  1. Beginning at Granite Reef dam, northeast of Peoria before ending at New River near Arrowhead Towne Center.
  2. But Manuel prefers to find them in their natural habitat and often takes her classes on field trips to the Granite Reef Dam area.
  3. Below Granite Reef Dam, the Salt River leaves the mountains and flows past the cities of Phoenix, where it passes north of South Mountain Park.
  4. Sorlie's car was spotted shortly after midnight Sunday about a quarter-mile downstream from the Granite Reef Dam along the Arizona Canal on the Salt River Indian Reservation.
  5. (PHOENIX )-An east Mesa woman found murdered with her 4-year-old son near Granite Reef Dam was left partially covered by plywood, and her hands appeared to be bound together.
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  7. The eastern side, along Power Road / Bush Highway, has areas where you can pull off the road, and there's a picnic area just north of Granite Reef Dam ( Tonto Pass required ).
  8. With the exception of Tempe Town Lake, the riverbed winding through the cities is usually dry, except when heavy rains upstream force Stewart Mountain Dam to release more water than can be diverted at Granite Reef Dam.


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