1. This was Annie Rivieccio's 1st IFBB Ms . Olympia qualification.
  2. This was Rosemary Jennings'and Annie Rivieccio's first IFBB pro wins.
  3. This competition had an IFBB pro debut from Annie Rivieccio, Christine Roth, and Bonny Priest.
  4. Rivieccio, 55, left a farewell note to his family before drinking poison on Jan . 3.
  5. This competition had IFBB Ms . Olympia debuts from Antionette Norman, Annie Rivieccio, and Tonia Williams.
  6. It's difficult to find rivieccio in a sentence. 用rivieccio造句挺难的
  7. Luigi Rivieccio, a goldsmith, lay down on a bench in the shadow of Vesuvius and drank a bottle of cyanide.
  8. Rosemary Jennings won her 1st overall and heavyweight IFBB New York Pro title, while Annie Rivieccio won her 1st lightweight IFBB New York Pro title.
  9. Betty Viana, who placed 2nd in the IFBB Ms . International heavyweight category, Rosemary Jennings and Annie Rivieccio both qualified for the 2005 IFBB Ms . Olympia.
  10. Previous columnists have included : Anthony Rivieccio, who wrote about Personal Finance in " The Problem Solver " and " Financial Focus " and community events in " North Bronx Thinktank . " The late Tony Rizzo wrote about politics.


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