rivier university造句


  1. In December 2012, the station's studios moved from Rivier University ( where it had been based since 2004 ) to a location shared with sister station WFNQ.
  2. Williams received a B . A . from the University at Albany, SUNY in 2003 and an M . A . in Creative Writing in 2005 from Rivier University.
  3. In collegiate sports, Nashua is home to the Daniel Webster College Eagles, who compete in the New England Collegiate Conference ( NECC ) and the Rivier University Raiders, who compete in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference ( GNAC ).
  4. Psychologist Paul Cunningham of Rivier University, New Hampshire, analyzed the specific case of Jane Roberts in his 2010 research paper " The Problem of Seth's Origin : A Case Study of the Trance-Possession Mediumship of Jane Roberts ".
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