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  1. He smokes tobacco in his pipe .
  2. Good : the use of smoking tobacco is permitted only in designated areas of the plant
  3. I get sick just seeing others smoke , let alone smoking tobacco myself !
  4. Every year millions of smokers die because of illnesses which are caused by smoking tobacco
  5. Does the applicant smoke or has the applicant ever smoked tobacco ? ( yes or no , if yes , how much
    申请人是否吸烟或曾经吸烟? (是或否,如果是,数量?
  6. It's difficult to find smoke tobacco in a sentence. 用smoke tobacco造句挺难的
  7. Apart from statistics , it might be helpful to look at what smoking tobacco does to the human body
  8. Do you smoke tobacco , take drugs or narcotics or alcohol ? if “ yes ” , type and quantity
  9. Smoking tobacco is responsible for many debilitating diseases such as chronic bronchitis and vascular diseases
  10. Thirteen people die every hour from illnesses related to smoking tobacco , such as cancer , bronchitis and heart disease
  11. Tobacco - - tobacco products such as cigarettes , cigars , smoking tobacco , unmanufactured tobacco and chinese prepared tobacco , but not smokeless tobacco
  12. Smoking tobacco kills about 5 million people around the world every year , and according to the world health organization , half of the people who smoke will eventually die as a result
  13. At present about 38 % of the chinese population smoke . 89 % of smokers are male . every year , millions of smokers die because of illnesses which are caused by smoking tobacco
    目前,中国人口中约有38 %的人吸烟。 89 %的吸烟者是男性。每年有数以百万计的人因为吸烟引起的疾病而导致死亡。
  14. However , we assume that these lessons are our selves and confine our great energy within a mold , thus limiting ourselves and placing our true self under the control of habitual patterns , which may dictate to our almighty power when its time to eat rice or smoke tobacco


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