smoke tongue造句

"smoke tongue"是什么意思   


  1. Sturgeon, suckling pig, smoked tongue.
  2. And you could sell anything there because of the influx of tourists : smoked tongue, sea urchin.
  3. Everything includes homemade smoked tongue, smoked pork and roast rabbit; stuffed derma, fried cheesecake and blood sausages.
  4. Capicola, double smoked bacon, schinken, smoked tongue, blood sausage, and smoked pork chops are some of their best selling products.
  5. I've added slivers of smoked tongue or serrano ham to a chicken paella, strewn capers on top or folded in fresh corn kernels.
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  7. Another preparation of the sauce includes tomato slices or tomato pur閑, onions, smoked tongue, ham, mushrooms, truffles, white wine or Madeira wine, butter, paprika and pepper, which is very similar to the preparation of ?la zingara.
  8. Bottled horseradish is generally put up in vinegar ( white horseradish ) or beet juice ( red horseradish ), and you can give it the same treatment at home for a condiment to be served with roast beef, boiled beef, corned beef, fresh or smoked tongue and many cold meats such as leftover roast poultry.
  9. He radiated bonhomie, pressing on us glasses of draft beer laced with a shot of Amer Picon bitters ( " an aperitif de dimanche, " he called it, and I think it could cure any hangover ) and tastes of homely fare like snails en cocotte, house-smoked tongue ( " that's for the Frenchies, " he said ), sauteed walleye in mustard sauce ( " for the Chicagoans " ) and cheese-stuffed gnocchi, a family recipe, from a menu that also includes classics like onion tart, leeks vinaigrette and hanger steak with fries.


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