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  1. The commission also called for federal regulation of tobacco and inclusion of anti-smoking treatment in government medical insurance.
  2. The mice got enough smoke, said Shapiro, one of the authors, that they began enjoying their smoke treatment.
  3. Earlier, he says, " You name it and I tried it _ acupuncture, meditation, herbal smoke treatments, biofeedback, painful myotherapy, hypnotism.
  4. Glaxo said its performance was more sluggish than expected due to weak sales of its migraine medicine Imitrex and anti-smoking treatment Zyban, together with the impact of economic problems in Asia and South America.
  5. Only about half of all insurers currently do so; Medicare, the federal health program for seniors, doesn't cover anti-smoking treatments and only 22 states provided Medicaid coverage for tobacco dependence treatments.
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  7. The plan, which is included in the proposed state budget, includes an anti-smoking media campaign aimed at kids and teens, smoking treatment programs for young people and adults and other local efforts to reduce smoking.
  8. The group called upon insurance providers to cover the costs of stop-smoking treatments, which have been shown to be more cost-effective than programs that insurance now covers like screening mammography and treatments for high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.
  9. The more difficult species to grow include the ones that require a period of dormancy or smoke treatment to simulate a bushfire . " Stylidium " specimens should be grown in a medium that is kept moist and has a relatively low concentration of nutrients.
  10. Miami-based Brooke last month agreed to pay about $ 2.5 million annually to five states that are suing the industry to recover Medicaid money spent treating smokers and to reimburse some stop-smoking treatment costs for smokers in a federal class-action suit.


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