smoke two joints造句


  1. The band additionally covered " Smoke Two Joints " originally by Oregon-based reggae group The Toyes.
  2. While jamming a rootsy groove and improvising lyrics, the hook of " Smoke Two Joints " came tumbling out to the delight of the party guests.
  3. On Friday afternoons at 5 p . m ., the station always broadcast the song " Smoke Two Joints ", playing a version by either The Toyes or Sublime.
  4. More recently, Radha's spoof on Bob Marley's ( originally The Toyes )'Smoke Two Joints'called'Rendu Dosai'was written about and gained a lot of popularity online.
  5. "The Toyes " followed up their 45 RPM single by recording three more songs which were released as a 12 " vinyl EP featuring " Smoke Two Joints ", " Listen to the Radio ", which was released as a second single and received moderate air play in Hawaii, " Never Wanna Go ", which is the only " Toyes " track sung by Mike Dawson, as well as Mawg's solo acoustic guitar composition " Eddie's Theme ".
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  7. "Skankin'Pickle Live " features five bonus tracks from two other artists on the Dill Records roster : three tracks from Hawaiian ska / reggae band The Tantra Monsters, which later appeared on their self-titled 1996 album, and two from San Francisco ska-punk band The Rudiments, " Treadmill " from the 1995 Suicide Machines split " Skank for Brains, " and a then-unreleased cover of The Toyes'" Smoke Two Joints " ( titled " Two Joints " ).


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