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  1. General specification for power supply system of spc exchange
  2. Spc exchange fundamentals
  3. R & d and manufacture of spc exchanges and innovative components and devices have reached a certain scale and level
    城市彩电普及率已达每百户1008台,农村电视机普及率达到每百户70台以上(其中彩电普及率达每百户27 . 2台) 。
  4. This is a clever use of n - isdn , which is technologically rather mature . in addition , today s spc exchanges mostly provide such a function
    N - isdn在技术上已非常成熟,而且现在的程控交换机基本上都具备了这项功能。
  5. All these changes took place after the first spc exchange was put into service in the capital in 1984 , enabling the use of pcm circuits for local trunks
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  7. According to the theory of spc exchange , we devise and develop an experimental system of automatic exchange to meet the need of teaching and practice
  8. And most of this knowledge has to been transferred to the students by pratice , so we need a set of simulation of the spc exchange
  9. At the same time , 4 . 5 million pc sets , 35 million lines of spc exchanges , 30 million color tv sets , 13 million mobile handsets and 2 . 1 billion integrated circuits will be added
  10. As the spc exchange develops , in the digital transmission network the basic unit of 64 kbits as a circuit has gradually been replaced by that of 30 2 mbits circuits ( hereinafter referred to as e1 )
    数字传输网随着程控交换机的发展,逐渐改变了由64kbits速率为一条电路的基本计算单位,接受了2mbits (下称e1 ) 30条电路为一个基本单位的概念。
  11. The proliferation of spc exchanges in telecommunication operator ( telco ) networks forced the centralization of supplementary services in special network nodes in order to facilitate the update and introduction of such these services
  12. With the rapid development of communication technology , the curriculum of the spc exchange theory has become the basic core in the colleges as the most important knowledge in the field of communication
  13. For a long time , incumbent carriers tended to regard spc exchange , ddn , fr , atm and ip equipment as leading network elements . most often than not , the transmission equipment is only seen as supportive parts for those leading elements
    长期以来,主体电信经营商都认为程控电话交换机、 ddn 、 fr 、 atm 、 ip等设备是作为网络的主体,而传送设备仅认为是这些设备的配套。
  14. Professional experience : ms zhang has been engaged in the design , programming , fixing , debugging and technical support of many types of network equipment , spc exchange ; she has handled nearly one thousand telecommunication patent cases ever since the year of 2000 and answered hundreds of office actions
  15. Since the early 1990s , when the electronics industry came to the stage of digital technology , china has broken through in high - end series personal computers and servers , large - scale parallel computer systems , chinese electronic publishing systems , large - scale spc exchanges for central offices , mobile communications systems , sdh wdm fiber communications systems , thin route satellite communications systems , new generation digital video terminals , manufacturing technology for 0 . 8 - 0 . 35 m cmos integrated circuit chips , etc
    到90年代进入数字技术阶段,高档系列微机和服务器产品、大规模并行计算机系统、中文电子出版系统、大型局用数字程控交换机、移动通信系统、 sdh波分复用光纤通信系统、稀路由卫星通信系统、新一代数字视频终端、 08 ? 035微米cmos集成电路芯片制造技术等,都有突破性进展。


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