the endorser造句

"the endorser"是什么意思   


  1. Article 29 an endorsement shall be signed and the date of endorsement specified by the endorser
  2. If there was any doubt about a particular signature , the check would not be paid and would be returned to the endorser
  3. Article 28 where more space on a negotiable instrument is needed by the endorser for making entries , the instrument may be extended by an allonge annexed to it
  4. Article 35 where an endorsement contains the word “ by procuration ” , the endorsee shall be entitled to exercise mandated rights to the bill on the endorser ' s behalf
  5. Article 35 where in an endorsement " by procuration " is written , the endorsee is entitled to exercise the mandated rights on the bill of exchange on the endorser ' s behalf
  6. It's difficult to find the endorser in a sentence. 用the endorser造句挺难的
  7. Article 37 after the bill has been endorsed and transferred , the endorser shall be liable for guaranteeing the acceptance and payment of the bill held by the subsequent party
  8. The endorser shall pay off the sum and expenses , as stipulated in articles 70 and 71 of this law , to the holder in case of non - acceptance or non - payment of the bill
  9. In cases of non - acceptance or non - payment of the bill , the endorser shall compensate the bearer with the sum and expenses as stipulated in articles 70 and 71 of this law
  10. Article 61 when the payment of a bill has been refused at its date of maturity , the bearer may exercise the right of recourse against the endorsers , the issuer and other debtors of the bill
  11. Article 61 where the payment of a bill of exchange is refused at the date of maturity , the holder may exercise the right of recourse against the endorsers , the drawer and other persons liable for the bill
  12. Article 34 where an endorser writes " non - negotiable " on a bill of exchange and his subsequent party negotiates it by endorsement , the endorser shall not bear responsibility for guaranty to the endorsee of the said subsequent party
  13. Article 34 when the endorser writes the term “ non - transferable ” on the bill and his subsequent party re endorses and transfers it , the original endorser shall not bear any responsibility for any guarantees made to the subsequent party ' s endorsee
  14. Article 36 a bill cannot be transferred by means of endorsement when acceptance or payment has been refused or when the time limit for presentation in order to receive payment has expired , if the bill has been endorsed and transferred , the endorser shall bear liability for the bill
  15. In our future real right law , there should be some limitations to the open objects , hut nor the open contents in the property register of immovables ; lawsuit time limit should not he applied to return protoplast right of applicant ; we had better constitute positive prescription system ; powerless punish should not affect the force of contracts when the endorser has no right , but the transferee is well - meaning ; there should be proper toleration to the unanimous consent principle on punishing mutual thing ; we should prohibit mortgaging to some movable property which has no way to open ; there should not be the time limitation when mortgager realizes the hypothec after the fulfilling tern ; of primary creditor ' s rights is over , except that mortgager is not the debtor ; when the debtor do not refund the debt , the mortgager cannot get the guaranty directly , but he may put in for the court to auction guaranty


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