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  1. It was made from stone filled timber cribs with hemlock beams.
  2. The Winchester Dam was made from large timber cribs.
  3. The final dam was a timber crib and boulder structure, later augmented with concrete.
  4. These were initially timber cribs put in place by the city, albeit with some federal funding.
  5. Splash dams were timber crib dams used to help float logs downstream in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
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  7. Eventually the state of Indiana allowed the Wabash Navigation Company in 1849 to construct the first timber crib structure as part of it.
  8. In 1848 the first timber crib dam, about in length, was constructed across the Connecticut River to divert water into the canals.
  9. The front light began to lean in 1875 and was dismantled and rebuilt on the same stone and timber crib that it had been built on originally.
  10. In 1919, the first Link River Dam, a timber crib dam, was constructed at the outlet of Upper Klamath Lake, raising it by about.
  11. "Timber crib dams " were erected of heavy timbers or dressed logs in the manner of a log house and the interior filled with earth or rubble.
  12. The piers are stone-filled timber cribs, wide, with the exception of the shoreward portion of the south pier, which is constructed of wooden pilings filled with sand.
  13. The concrete and timber crib dam was constructed in 1884 by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, with a height of 17 feet, and a length of 385 feet at its crest.
  14. Intended as permanent structures, steel dams were an ( arguably failed ) experiment to determine if a construction technique could be devised that was cheaper than masonry, concrete or earthworks, but sturdier than timber crib dams.
  15. The " front " range light was constructed on a square timber crib beside the western river bank, and took the form of a tall painted-white pyramid framework of timber similar in design to that being used for pierhead beacons throughout the district at the time.
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