1. transversally damped wave
  2. specifically, the 3-roll calender is fed by a conveyor belt transversally sliding through the rolls and by a 2-stage planetary extruder complete with thermoregulation units
  3. when laser diode illuminates the rough surface moving transversally across the light beam, the feedback light forms the random speckle due to the random pattern of the target surface, causing random fluctuations in the laser output, which is called as self-mixing speckle interference
  4. the second part, the " i " part of the dissertation, respectively reviews the two aspects, changed and unchanged, reflected on latest version of the u . s . federal constitution which was enacted 200 years before and draws a conclusion that the unchanged aspect is in the dominant position . so this part shows the long continuance of the u . s . federal constitution transversally
  5. It's difficult to find transversally in a sentence. 用transversally造句挺难的


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