transverse abdominal造句


  1. It is kept in line by the transverse abdominal and oblique abdominal muscles.
  2. The transverse abdominal muscle is flat and triangular, with its fibers running horizontally.
  3. Recently the transverse abdominal has become the subject of debate between Biokineticists, kinesiologists, strength trainers, and physical therapists.
  4. The transverse abdominal and the segmental stabilizers ( e . g . the multifidi ) of the spine have evolved to work in tandem.
  5. Both breasts were reconstructed using her own abdominal tissue in what is known as a TRAM flap reconstruction ( named for the transverse abdominal myocutaneous muscle ).
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  7. Exercises that are used to enhance back strength may also be used to prevent shaking, poor coordination, muscle burning and loss of the transverse abdominal brace.
  8. Hypopressive exercises also involve the transverse abdominal, but they are based upon reflex contraction of the abdominal wall, rather than voluntary contractions that are a feature of traditional abdominal exercises.
  9. In medical vernacular, the abdominal wall most commonly refers to the layers composing the anterior abdominal wall which, in addition to the layers mentioned above, includes the three layers of muscle : the transversus abdominis ( transverse abdominal muscle ), the internal ( obliquus internus ) and the external oblique ( obliquus externus ).
  10. Below, it has the following attachments : posteriorly, to the whole length of the iliac crest, between the attachments of the transverse abdominal and Iliacus; between the anterior superior iliac spine and the femoral vessels it is connected to the posterior margin of the inguinal ligament, and is there continuous with the iliac fascia.
  11. The transverse abdominal arises as fleshy fibers, from the lateral third of the inguinal ligament, from the anterior three-fourths of the inner lip of the iliac crest, from the inner surfaces of the cartilages of the lower six ribs, interdigitating with the pectineal line, forming the inguinal conjoint tendon also called the aponeurotic falx.


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