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"trust obligation"是什么意思   


  1. Article 68 the regulatory agency of public undertakings shall change the trustee if the trustee of public trust violates the trust obligations or doesn ' t have the capacity to perform his duties
  2. Finally , we have provided some suggestions to complete the agreement acquisition regulations in our country : 1 . to make proprietary shareholders to undertake trust obligations in agreement acquisition ; 2
  3. This paper analyses domestic political and economic situation , then prescribes how to build and develop municipal bond market in china as to satisfy the large volume need of capital and money to prompt the growth of capital market in china . first , it introduces some basic concepts and axioms on municipal bonds , and points out the credit of local government is the base of market , emphasizing it is a reflect of corporation , the uniting of trust obligation and bankrupt restriction and has strict choice . then it gives a simple introduction on municipal bonds market in germany , france , and japan
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