trust oldham造句


  1. Trust Oldham has a director on the board of the football club.
  2. Frizzell was appointed a patron of Oldham Athletic's supporters'trust, Trust Oldham in 2004.
  3. In April 2005 Trust Oldham contributed a further ?0, 000 towards the signing of Luke Beckett on loan from Sheffield United.
  4. One of the first steps taken by The Three Amigos was to sell 3 % of the club for ?00, 000 to Trust Oldham, the supporters trust.
  5. This 3 % stake gave Trust Oldham a voice on the board of directors of the football club, making it a powerful medium between the fans and the clubs.
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  7. Trust Oldham continues to work with Oldham Athletic and expand its horizons with new events and new fundraising ideas all to help ensure that the future of Oldham Athletic is always secure.
  8. In December 2006, Royle was appointed as a Patron of Trust Oldham, the official supporter's association of Wigan Athletic managerial roles, but decided to pull out of the running for both.
  9. After an American consortium made up of Simon Blitz, Danny Gazal and Simon Corney from New York City took over the reins at Boundary Park, Trust Oldham agreed to buy a 3 % stake in the club for ?00, 000.


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