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  1. But what happens when the trust period lapses on the parents'primary home?
  2. By the end of the trust period in 1960, over 200, 000 people in the nascent Somali Republic spoke Italian.
  3. During the trust period, there were years of modest success; in 1952, for example, about 1, 000 tons of cotton were exported.
  4. Organized in 1920, the SAIS estate near Giohar had, by the time of the trust period, a little less than 20 km?under cultivation.
  5. However, the Act delayed citizenship for most Indians until the end of a 25-year trust period, citing as the primary reason Indians'unpreparedness for citizenship.
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  7. He amended the Dawes Act so that citizenship was only granted to a Native with an allotment after the trust period ran out ( usually 25 years ).


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