1. Tweeks Coffee 15 : 59, 27 April 2007 ( UTC)
  2. Tweeks Coffee 13 : 29, 25 June 2007 ( UTC)
  3. I made a few tweeks to the article to give a more neutral tone.
  4. Those waves cause three of the most commonly heard radio noises : sferics ( short for atmospherics ), tweeks and whistlers.
  5. Demon Tweeks was founded in 1973 by Alan Minshaw, an accomplished racing driver who previously worked as a motor trade salesman.
  6. It's difficult to find tweeks in a sentence. 用tweeks造句挺难的
  7. They get sold to someone else who tweeks them enough to make them work and then sells them for less under another name.
  8. We had only two hours ( of practice ) and there were some little tweeks we had to do to the car that took time,
  9. In 1988 he entered the final few rounds of the British Touring Car Championship in a class B BMW M3 for the Demon Tweeks team.
  10. I think the article is very well done, but with these & possibly a few more tweeks & adjustments, it will be a FA in no time.
  11. By the 1990s, Ripspeed's main rivals were Demon Tweeks and Grand Prix Racewear, both owned by racing drivers, Alan Minshaw and Ray Bellm respectively.
  12. There is a hard core group of contributors there that only answer questions and I do not match their contributions, nevertheless, I often make tweeks to articles in wikipedia based on answers I have provided on the ref desk.
  13. Sunspot activity is projected to be at a peak over the next few years, signaling an increase in magnetic storms and a prime time for radio explorers in search of sferics, whistlers, tweeks and chorus, as these sounds have been classified.


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