1. Jarvis boards the rocket while Tweel bounds away into the Martian horizon.
  2. The rescued creature refers to itself as Tweel.
  3. Tweel ) was a zoology student.
  4. Upon seeing Jarvis ( the human protagonist ), trudge along, Tweel walks beside him.
  5. Different members of this species have different-coloured feathers; Tweel's feathers are orange.
  6. It's difficult to find tweel in a sentence. 用tweel造句挺难的
  7. On January 14, 2012, their mother, Mary Paula Tweel, died in Detroit, Michigan.
  8. Tweel carries a bizarre firearm made from a transparent glass-like material, which fires poisoned splinters.
  9. NASA has contracted Michelin to develop a wheel for the next generation Lunar Rover based on the Tweel concept.
  10. The cart creatures suddenly begin attacking Jarvis and Tweel, who retreat up a corridor which fortunately leads outside.
  11. When he sees Long standing by the canal, he begins to approach her, but is stopped by Tweel.
  12. Jarvis and Tweel follow the cart creatures to their destination, a mound with a tunnel leading down below it.
  13. The X One is an innovation in the trasportation industry ( see similar page tweel, segway, radial tire.
  14. With these smatterings of human language, Tweel puts forward advanced ideas and concepts, thus proving he is intelligent.
  15. The cart creatures corner them and, rather than save himself, Tweel stays by Jarvis'side facing certain death.
  16. The amount of glass allowed to pour onto the molten tin is controlled by a gate called a " tweel ".
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