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  1. His planning and detailing of verandahs and external stairs and his ventilated roofs and gable decorations were widely imitated.
  2. In the 1960s one end of the hipped roof was removed along with the ventilated roof lantern, the other end in the 1970s.
  3. In the domestic realm his approach was widely imitated, in particular his planning and detailing of verandahs, external stairs, ventilated roofs and gable decorations.
  4. The entire main building is surrounded by a verandah, sheltering all external walls from the sun and the vast, ventilated roof space, almost twice the height of the interior rooms, provided a huge sun shield.
  5. A properly ventilated roof should have air vents in the eaves, a ridge-vent that runs along the peak of the roof, and a channel or air space that will permit the steady flow of air from the eaves to the peak of the roof.
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  7. The planning of the Bishop's House reflects Marks'concern with air flow and natural lighting; a large ventilated roof light over the intersection of the entrance hall and the transverse corridor terminated at the east and west ends of the building with semi-open octagonal bays.
  8. A more robust way of introducing dynamic insulation to a building that avoids the pressure variation around the building envelope is to make use of the fact that in a ventilated roof space the pressure is relatively uniform over the ceiling ( Fig 9 ).


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