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  1. Bishop von Blumenthal negotiated the second marriage of Hedwig of Poland.
  2. They inherited Nikolaus von Blumenthal's estates and took his name.
  3. The estate was a property of the von Blumenthal family.
  4. The first secular governor was Joachim Friedrich von Blumenthal.
  5. Von Blumenthal was then sent along the Luwegu River, partly by boat.
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  7. In close circles, von Blumenthal referred to Hitler as " Emil ".
  8. At the Tivoli Congress only Werner von Blumenthal opposed the adoption of anti-semitism.
  9. Von Blumenthal, who commanded the siege, was opposed to the bombardment on moral grounds.
  10. Garel von Blumenthal leaves Arthur's court in order to raise troops for the war.
  11. This was achieved through the brilliant staffwork of its Chief of Staff, Leonhard Graf von Blumenthal.
  12. The Hohenzollern dynasty of Christoph Caspar von Blumenthal, on the first diplomatic mission of his career.
  13. Von Blumenthal's own part in these battles and in the campaign generally was most conspicuous.
  14. The intensely Catholic Georg von Blumenthal, Bishop of Lebus, was sent to negotiate the marriage.
  15. Robert von Blumenthal ( " Lord Bob " ) was charged with digging in and improving defences.
  16. His brothers Georg von Blumenthal und Werner ( 1725 1804 ) were both senior officers in the Prussian Army.
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