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  1. Using the differentials in reception of omega signals by the airborne radiosonde and the ground station , the position of the radiosonde and hence the wind vector was determined
  2. By extracting the necessary information in the gps signal and merging with the satellite orbital data , the position of the radiosonde and hence the wind vector is calculated
  3. The maximum likelihood estimation algorithm for seawinds scatterometer wind vector retrieval generates 2 4 wind vector ambiguities , so a circle median filter is needed to perform the ambiguity removal
  4. When tc approaches to coast , under the squeezing effect between tc and land , convergences of wind vector and pressure gradient are intensified between tc " s center and coast , and , a new high wind domain forms
  5. According to the spatial distribution characteristic of the most likely ambiguities in each seawinds wind vector cell , a new method for seawinds ambiguity removal is derived and discussed theoretically for its adaptability
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  7. Results of experiment b demonstrate that a convergence zone of wind vector and water vapour with dense pressure gradient is formed alone the coast after tc ' s outer circulation encountering land , which results in more precipitation


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