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  1. Writer-director-actress Yumi Yoshiyuki was also given the award for Best Screenplay for the film.
  2. is a 2004 Japanese " pink film " directed by TarM Araki and scripted by Yumi Yoshiyuki.
  3. Writer-actress, Yumi Yoshiyuki wrote and directed a sequel to the film released in July of the same year,.
  4. is a 2005 Japanese " pink film " written and directed by Yumi Yoshiyuki, who also acts in the film.
  5. is a 2004 Japanese " pink film " written and directed by Yumi Yoshiyuki, who also acted in a leading role.
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  7. In 1998 Nakano wrote and directed the V-Cinema release set in the Edo period and starring actresses Yumi Yoshiyuki, Yumika Hayashi and Hotaru Hazuki.
  8. Hayashi's friend and director Yumi Yoshiyuki disagreed with the possibility of suicide, telling " Friday " weekly, " She was a really bright kid.
  9. Including Yutaka Ikejima, Yumi Yoshiyuki and Minoru Kunizawa, Araki is one of the four top " pink film " directors of Lkura Productions ( OP ) at the turn of the millennium.
  10. According to Jasper Sharp, organizers of the Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival regard most of these films-- with some notable exceptions by directors Yutaka Ikejima and Yumi Yoshiyuki-- as exploitation films.
  11. Openly gay actor-screenwriter Kouichi Imaizumi has become a key figure in the emergence of gay pink film by writing several scripts directed by Yumi Yoshiyuki for OP Eiga which help to bring a more realism to gay-themed pink films.
  12. Besides Imaoka and Ikejima, other major " pink film " directors in whose films Hanazawa has appeared include Toshiki SatM ( " Tokyo Booty Nights ", 2004 ), Tetsuya Takehora ( " Peep Show ", 2004 ), Yumi Yoshiyuki, Sachi Hamano, and Yoshikazu KatM.
  13. In March 1991, Kaji formed his own adult video studio, Hot Entertainment, In addition to adult videos, Kaji directed the Hot Pictures V-Cinema production, which was released in October 1996 In July 1997, Kaji produced and Hot Entertainment released another V-Cinema title,, starring Yumi Yoshiyuki and directed by Gunji Kawasaki, with a story based on a real murder case.


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