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accounting center造句

"accounting center"是什么意思  
  • The system ensures the safety , stability and efficiency in the local account center and supports the highway charge system running effectively . copyright xbrother technology co . , ltd all rights reserved
  • Responsibility accounting centers on the ideas that the more each individual in an organization can kje assisted in the perfor ? mance of his or her tasks , the better chance the organization has of reaching the goals it has set
  • Puts forward the concept of ecology accounting center and cash center , designs the forest assets management and financial decision - making and analyzing module , so as to give a reference for further development and design of the fnfis
  • This text considers and studies the foundation in to a great deal of data carry on reading and the oneself works up , combine faw funds centralized management fulfillment to become of . this text is from the thesis choose a background , meaning and the research way of thinking beginning , introduced the our country business enterprise the funds management in of the problem and the funds centralized management five kinds of modes unify accept unify pay the mode and appropriate provide for use the mode of gold , balance of accounts center mode , internal bank mode and the characteristics of the finance company mode , apply . . . etc . ,
  • Second , set up an accounting system combining the accounting center with the accountant accreditation . analyze the reason for combining the accounting center with the accountant accreditation . discuss some issues in combining the accounting center with the accountant accreditation , for example , about accounting system reform , accounting entity , accountants organization , manager management
  • The local business & account system is developed by china telecom to enhance its competitive ability . integrated with the computer technology , communication technology and the expertise knowledge , it is a credible , advanced and adaptable application system which is provided to the authorized local integrated business & account center
  • This paper utilizes decision theory , cybernetics and system according to function and the characteristic of the state - owned group financial accountant of holding company to discuss and worth related theories such as theory , is close to combine the reality of the state - owned group financial management and accounting information system of holding company , adopts to determine the nature , is with ration , sum up the method of deducing , enumerate case layer upon layer further , record system and processing for the state - owned systematic essential factor , system hierarchy of control and classfication in the group accounting information system of holding company to handle system , combined accounting form and accounting accounting center , information transmit the related problems such as system have carried out the thorough research of overall system , inference makes the modern systematic structural frame of the state - owned group accounting information of holding company that perfected scientifically , and reach following conclusion : first , accounting information is that the key , accounting information system of the information of business management is the strong support system of enterprise decision
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