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  • Study on the property of paper filled by aragonite caco3 whisker
  • Aragonite and magnesium calcite are more soluble than normal calcite
  • Aragonite whisker is a kind of mono - crystal fibers , which have excellent properties
  • The calcium carbonate in corals or in the shells of other marine creatures comes in two distinct mineral forms : calcite and aragonite
  • The results show that the pearls mainly contain aragonites , with some commercially useless pearls having vaterites in addition to aragonites
  • There may be a little of dolomite in the spongy body . 3 . high content of sr and low content of mg found in cuttlebone is contributed to the formation of aragonite
    在可溶性蛋白中有位于1654cm ~ ( - 1 )的氨基化合物存在,不溶性有机物中有强峰位于1539cln一,处,前者可能采用。
  • Blue aragonite is rarely mineral assumed resembling fibers . these aggregation are brightly blue and likes mountain . the form is beautiful and it is of good sight value
  • They are said to be “ undersaturated . ” shallow , warm surface waters are described as “ supersaturated ” with respect to both calcite and aragonite , meaning that these minerals have no tendency to dissolve
  • The influx of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere has caused the saturation horizons for aragonite and calcite to shift closer to the surface by 50 to 200 meters compared with where they were positioned in the 1800s
    大气的二氧化碳汇入海中,已经导致方解石和霰石的饱和线往上移动,比1800年代更接近海面50 ~ 200公尺。
  • Studies on the preparation of aragonite whisker and its growth mechanism are meaningful at theory and practice to develop traditional calcium carbonate industry , new materials and theory of crystal growth
  • It's difficult to see aragonite in a sentence. 用aragonite造句挺难的
  • The result indicated that with the molar rate of magnesium ions to calcium ions increased , the ability of magnesium ions to induced aragonite was enhanced , and when the molar rate reached to 8 . 0 , the products would be aragonite only
    结果表明随m创ca摩尔比的增大,镁离子诱导文石的能力增强;当m留ca摩尔比达到8 . 0的时候,形成的沉淀全是文石。
  • In pearls , the nacreous layers are generally translucent and composed completely of aragonite , whereas layers without pearly luster are opaque and composed of aragonites and / or vaterites with their relative concentrations different in different pearls
  • Thus , the system could be kept at a lower super - saturation state under the condition of higher concentration of ca2 + to obtain aragonite whisker . the surface of aragonite must be modified to overcome the shortcomings leading to poor dispersion and combination with polymer materials
  • In this thesis , the stearic acid and titanate - coupling agent were used to modify the surface of aragonite whisker . the ir - spectrograph analysis and the suspending - experiment showed that the two ingredients were effective to modify the aragonite whisker , and the titanate - coupling agent was better than stearic acid
  • 3 ) in shell of hyriopsis cumingii ( lea ) , the prismatic layers and the nacreous layers are all composed of aragonite minerals , and aragonite crystallites in prismatic layers show obviously preferential orientation of [ 012 ] axis perpendicular to the shell layers , so it is considered that the orientation of aragonite crystallites in prismatic layers perhaps play an important role in deciding the orientation of aragonite crystallites in nacre and acts as one of template to resulting the formation of aragonite with [ 012 ] orientation perpendicular to nacreous layers in nacre
    3 )与海水贝壳明显不同的是,三角帆蚌棱柱层矿物相与珍珠层一样皆为文石相,同时查明棱柱层中文石晶体具[ 012 ]轴垂直壳层面的明显的择优取向。本文认为,三角帆蚌棱柱层中文石晶体的择优取向可能对珍珠层中文石晶体的择优取向存在模板导向的作用,导致珍珠层[ 012 ]定向的文石晶体的形成。
  • Main conclusions of this work are drawn as follows : 1 ) in nacre of hyriopsis cumingii ( lea ) shell , the aragonite crystallites exist two kinds of orientation , one . which is generally accepted , is the c axis of aragonite perpendicular to nacreous layers , the second , which is proposed in this paper , is the [ 012 ] axis of aragonite perpendicular to nacreous layers
    本文所获得的主要成果有: 1 )明确提出三角帆蚌珍珠层中文石晶体的择优取向除了存在公认的其c轴垂直珍珠层面外,还存在其[ 012 ]轴垂直珍珠层面的新取向。
  • The metallic mineral has very few content ( 1 % - 2 % ) , the mineral of ore is mainly of pyrite , chalcopyrite , limonite , aurum and electrum etc . the gangue mineral is composed of chalcedony , micro grained quartz , calsite , sericite , adularia , aragonite , chlorite , laumontite , pyrophyuite , kaolinite and so on , which show the typical mineral assemblage of epithermal
    矿石为典型少硫化物型,金属矿物含量极少( 1 - 2 ) ,主要有黄铁矿、黄铜矿、褐铁矿和自然金、银金矿等。主要脉石矿物有玉髓、微粒石英以及方解石、绢云母、冰长石、文石、绿泥石、浊沸石、叶腊石、高岭石等,属典型低温矿物组合。
  • In this thesis , aragonite whisker was synthesized by introducing co2 into ca ( oh ) 2 suspension mixed with mgcl2 . the hyphenated technique of microscope - microcomputer was used to examine the morphology and microstructure of the products . the effects of reaction temperature , concentration of mgcl2 , ph value of the initial suspension , flow velocity of co2 , and stirring strength on the formation of the polymorphs of calcium carbonate were examined
    本文利用改进的碳化法制备了文石相碳酸钙晶须,采用高倍显微镜一计算机联用技术、扫描电镜和x射线衍射仪进行产品形貌观察和晶型分析,讨论了温度、 mgcl _ 2浓度、初始ph值、 co _ 2的流速、搅拌速度等因素对制备文石相碳酸钙晶须的影响。
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