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  • It is divided into two parts, the lateral and medial thalamus .
  • The thalamus is the brain's major center for processing sensory information .
  • It is divided into two parts , the lateral and medial thalamus
    它分为两个部分- -外侧丘脑和内侧丘脑。
  • Ventrolateral nucleus of thalamus
  • Dorsal thalamus thalamus
  • The thalamus is thought to have a key role in the physical basis of consciousness
  • Pedunculus thalami basialis
  • Lamin medullares thalami
  • Most of these receptors are found in the midbrain , thalamus , hypothalamus , and spinal cord ( 3 )
    这些受体主要集中于中脑、丘脑、下丘脑和脊髓[ 3 ] 。
  • Observation on the nuit discharge of the thalamus parafascicularis nucleus of the adjuvant arthritis rats
  • It's difficult to see thalamus in a sentence. 用thalamus造句挺难的
  • Reconstruction of calcaneal thalamus and subtalar arthrodesis for severe malunion of calcaneal fractures
  • The met - enkephalin projections linking the marginal interior colliculus of midbrain and auditory thalamus in nonsongbird
  • This is holoprosencephaly in which there is a single large ventricle with fusion of midline structures , including thalami
  • Reconstruction of calcaneal thalamus by bone autograft and subtalar arthrodesis for antiquated intra - articular calcaneal fractures
  • A detailed us examination using a 3 . 5 - mhz transabdominal probe demonstrated a fused single ventricle , a fused thalami , a cleft lip and palate , and the absence of falx cerebri in her fetus
  • Lek - immunoreactive neurons distributed extensively in the rat brain of each group , such as limbic system including the hypothalamus and the amygdala complex , area postrema ( ap ) , parabrachial nucleus ( pen ) , the thalamus and so on
    结果: 1 、 lek免疫阳性神经元,广泛分布在各脑区。在下丘脑和杏仁体等边缘系统的有关核团,以及最后区( ap ) 、臂旁核( pbn )和丘脑等脑区均有lek阳性神经元分布。
  • Recently , a noval brain - specific na ^ - dependent inorganic phosphate transporters was successfully cloned using the method of molecular biology and was named dnpi because they had the characters of the vesicular glutamate transporter ( vglut ) . some studies showed that dnpi were distributed extensively in the brain area where glu was used as the neurotransmitter , such as thalamus , medulla oblongata and spinal cord . the ultrastructural studies indicated that most of dnpi are located in the presynaptic terminals and distributed on the synaptic vesicular membrane
    最近人们应用分子生物学技术又成功地在哺乳类动物脑内克隆出一种新的脑内特殊的na ”依赖的无机磷酸转运体( brain七pecificna dependentinorgarucphosphaternsporter , bnpi ) ,并发现它也具有囊泡膜谷氨酸转运体( vglllt )的特点,因而被命名为dnpi (又称作vgiutz人新近的研究报道, dn ’ pi广泛地分布于运用m作为神经递质的脑区,如丘脑、延髓和脊髓。
  • The classify and function of nerve fibers ; sensory specific projection system and nonspecific projection system ; cortical motor area and cortical sensory area ; thalamus nucleus ; muscle tonus and attitude regulation by brain stem ; functions of cerebellum ; visceral motor regulation by hypothalamus ; wakefulness and sleep ; conditioned reflex , mechanism of learning and memory
  • Our previous studies confirmed that the central pathway of trigeminal proprioceptive sensation consists of four orders of neurons , and neurons from the first - to the fourth - order are located , respectively , in the mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus ( vme ) , the dorsomedial part of the subnucleus oralis of the spinal trigeminal nucleus and its adjacent reticular formation ( vodm - lrf ) , the " zone - shaped area " [ including the caudolateral part of the supratrigeminal nucleus ( vsup - cl ) , the dorsomedial part of the principal sensory trigeminal nucleus ( vpdm ) , the area ventral to the motor trigeminal nucleus ( avm ) and the area dorsal to the superior olivary nucleus ( ado ) ] and the contralateral ventral posteromedial nucleus ( vpm ) of the thalamus . because the pathway is a novel one , there has been little systematic morphological data available so far regarding the neurotransmitters involved in this pathway
    该通路中第二、三级神经元所在地分别是三叉神经脊束核吻侧亚核背内侧区及其邻接的网状结构( dorsomedialpartofthesubnucleusoralisofthespinaltrigeminalnucleusanditsadjacentreticularformation , vodm - lrf )和带状区[包括背侧的三叉上核尾外侧部( caudolateralpartofthesupratrigeminalnucleus , vsup - cl )和感觉主核背内侧部( dorsomedialpartoftheprincipalsensorytrigeminalnucleus , vpdm )及腹侧的两个分别位于三叉神经运动核腹侧和上橄榄核背侧的暂命名为avm ( areaventraltothemotortrigeminalnucleus )和ado ( areadorsaltothesuperiorolivarynucleus )的两个小核团] 。
  • Although its function is not known completely , pv may play important roles in the axonal flow , cell metabolism and synaptic transmission through binding with ca2 + . our previous studies showed that pv is distributed densely in the relay nuclei on the central four orders pathway of the trigeminal proprioceptive sensation and there are approximately 30 - 50 % of pv - li neurons projected to vpm of the thalamus in the third - order nuclei
    我们最近的研究表明, pv样免疫阳性细胞在三叉神经本体觉中枢通路各级核团中均有较密集的分布,并且在二、三级神经元所在地? vodm - lrf和带状区中大约有30 - 50的pv样阳性神经元为投射神经元。
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