结晶机理 的英文

  • crystallization mechanism
  • 例句与用法
  • Avrami exponent did n ' t change obviously after grafting , which indicated that the crystallization mechanism of pp - g - am was almost as same as pp
  • On the basis of analyzing the theory of crystallization and dynamics , the characterization of the saturated solution in the crystallizer is got
  • With the increasing deepening of the study on crystallization mechanism of the magmatic system , the magmatic kinetic theory of volcanic and intrusive rocks has entered the stage of establishing a model
  • Isothermal and non - isothermal crystallization experiments conducted for the nanocomposite showed that addition of graphite nanosheets significantly changes the crystallization behaviors of the nylon 6 resin
  • The function of c2h1obn in ni - w - b alloy electrodeposition has been studied by means of cyclic voltamxnetry ( cv ) , the deposition mechanism of ni - w and ni - w - b alloy studied by potentiostafic step and their structures before and after heat treatments investigated by xrd and dsc . the effects of bath compositions and deposition conditions on the structure and properties of ni - w - b alloy and ni - w - b - ptfe composite coatings were explored
    本文主要以ni - w - b合金为研究对象,运用循环伏安方法研究二甲基胺硼烷在ni - w - b合金电沉积过程中的作用、阶跃电位研究ni - w合金和ni - w - b合金电结晶机理、 xrd和dsc方法研究ni - w合金和ni - w - b合金电沉积层的结构以及合金在热处理过程中的结构变化。
  • With the thermodynamic theories and techniques , it is relatively easy to determine the phase equilibrium data with enough accuracy , however there still exist much more difficulties in crystallization kinetics study even for a simple binary system . that is the reason that nucleation and crystal growth rate are generally represented in form of the empirical expressions . the crystallization kinetic is important for crystallizer design , process control and optimization , and it is strongly depended upon the accurate characterization of process information concerning with multiphase flows and the further disclose of its mechanisms with suitable mathematical models
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