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  • chinese journal of structural chemistry
  • structural chemistry
  • Application of multimedia and network in teaching structure chemistry
  • The state key laboratory of structure chemistry , fujian institute of research on the structure of matter , chinese academy of sciences , fuzhou , 350002 , p . r . china
    陈久桐中国科学院福建物质结构研究所结构化学国家重点实验室,福州, 350002
  • The software deal with the animate demonstration of abstract concept and process , protracting image , simulating of apparatus and experiment , and so on
  • The second position is available to the candidate with a ph . d . degree major in one of the fields , such as microbiology , pharmacology , organic chemistry , structural chemistry , genetic engineering
  • The thesis is organized as follows . in the first chapter , we introduce the needed basic concepts and terms in graph theory , organic chemistry , and the definition of wiener index
    在论文的第一章里,我们介绍了一些图论、有机化学、结构化学、 wiener数中的基本概念、基本术语以及相关知识,最后介绍了本论文的主要结果。
  • On the base analysis of curriculum and starting from the cultivation of innovative thinking modes , to strengthen the structural chemistry curriculum for cultivation and process of undergraduate cultivation of innovative thinking modes
  • College of chemistry and molecular engineering , state key laboratory of rare earth materials chemistry and application , peking university ; peking university - the university of hong kong joint laboratory in rare earth materials and bioinorganic chemistry , beijing , 100871 ; state key laboratory of structure chemistry , fuzhou , 350002
    北京大学化学与分子工程学院,稀土材料化学及应用国家重点实验室北京大学-香港大学稀土材料化学与生物无机化学联合实验室,北京, 100871结构化学国家重点实验室福州, 350002
  • We research the causes of concrete cracking , develop the high performance anti - cracking additive , optimize the concrete mix and construction techniques , increase the stability of concrete volume by shrinkage compensation , enhance splitting tensile strength , and can meet demand of high workability of fresh concrete . . in the study , a thorough investigation of this problem is made from all points of view , with the aid of various modern measurement & testing technology and different theories & methods in surface physical chemistry , structural chemistry , solid - state chemistry , composite materials , fracture mechanics , etc . our research results have shown that the various shrinkage of concrete cause concrete cracking in building engineering , such as autogenous shrinkage , dry shrinkage , temperature shrinkage , plastic shrinkage , carbonized shrinkage , etc
  • It has been offering secure network service to 600 local scientific researchers and some other internet users . the network parallel computation cluster inside the system has been applied to carry on magnanimity supercomputing of quantum chemistry by researchers in the state key laboratory of structure chemistry . it is highly appraised by experts and users
  • During the past fifty years , it was widely used to measure the chemical properties of molecules in the fields of structural chemistry , organic chemistry , and pharmacy etc . in 1997 , a particular international conference was held to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary for the invention of the index , and published a special issue for the proceedings of the conference in discrete mathematics to memorize it
    五十多年来统计化学、结构化学、有机化学、药物研究等方面广泛采用这一指标来测量分子的性能。 1997年国际上还专门召开了学术会议以庆祝这一指标提出五十周年,并出版论文专集以示纪念;这也主要是因为近年来,组合化学在国际学术界的兴起,为寻找新的物质(特别是有机物、新型药物)奠定了理论基础。
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